Art and design forsustain­ability

Accademia Unidee is unique: it offers ideas to transform society and create a fairer world through art and design.


We propose a multidisciplinary knowledge oriented to sustainability, to conscious innovation, to the impact of technologies on man, to society and to the environment.


Our courses feed on quality scientific research and on exchanges with institutions and businesses, which represent a true emerging geography of change.
una esposizione del corso triennale di Accademia Unidee

School of decoration specialising in art and environment

Artistic practice and research involving people and communities to initiate collaborative projects on real problems and needs.

un progetto di Accademia Unidee

SCHOOL OF ARTISTIC PLANNING FOR BUSINESS specialising in Design for Social Innovation

Planning new ideas at the service of society, people and their needs.

un progetto di Accademia Unidee

SCHOOL OF NEW ART TECHNOLOGIES specialising in Media Design and Multimedia Arts

Ideas, practices and researches to understand the complex relationship between society and new media, and to make art with new media.

SCHOOL OF ARTISTIC PLANNING FOR BUSINESS specialising in Sustainable Fashion Design

Getting to know and designing fashion in all its processes, focusing on sustainability.

Accademia Unidee changesyour life!

The immersive experience, the international approach, the close contact with the most innovative researches on sustainability and the cutting-edge professors transform each student into an actor of change, with a unique cultural and human “baggage”. Those studying at Accademia Unidee can find ways to fulfil their potential every day, and turn their creative, academic and professional aspirations into reality.

Grants and subsidies

Thanks to its exceptional network of strategic partners, sponsors and sympathetic organisations, Accademia Unidee is able to offer its students subsidies and grants.

Internships and traineeships

Accademia UNIDEE is at the centre of an international network of businesses, institutions and organizations, with which it develops educational, cultural, research and internship projects.
A reality in the MI-TO, i.e. the area between Milan and Turin, the big capitals of manufacture and industry. A unique opportunity for the future of our students.

A large international network of institutions and businesses

Thanks to its strong international vocation and its close-knit network of relationships, Accademia UNIDEE collaborates with some of the most important European universities and academies, and with businesses and organisations from all over the world.


the square metres of the Accademia


its tutors and lecturers



a library and a museum make the Accademia even more unique

Our candi­date

They have just graduated from high school or from university, or they are a professional interested in further development.
They are international

They can communicate with people from all over the world

They are insightful

They can read reality in depth and they are endowed with autonomous thought

They are collaborative

They can work with others, enjoying it

They are open-minded

They listen to others’ opinions and they are willing to question themselves

They are responsible

They acknowledge the responsibilities of their actions in the world

They can act

They make the most of their knowledge

Spaces and Facilities

The campus occupies a magnificent 19th century industrial compound which includes specialised laboratories, a cafeteria, the Let Eat Bi centre, a library, recreational and study rooms reserved for students, a green space.

Spazi e Servizi
Library and Museum

Accademia Unidee’s library specialises in titles about art, social transformation, social economy and design.
The Fondazione accommodates the biggest collection of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s works, from the ‘50s until today.