Art and design forsustain­ability

Accademia Unidee is unique: it offers ideas and practices to transform society and create a fairer world through art and design.


We propose a multidisciplinary knowledge oriented to sustainability, to conscious innovation, to the impact of technologies on man, to society and to the environment.


Our courses feed on quality scientific research and exchanges with institutions and businesses that represent a true emerging geography of change. Lessons are held both in presence and online to ensure continuity of education in different conditions of possibility.

Master’s course in collaboration with – second edition

Combining design, which is the planning and construction of the future, and art, which is vision and ability to adopt a systematic approach, sustainability can become an opportunity of development for organisations.

In collaboration with ArtEZ – Academy of Arts, Arnhem

Programme of internationalisation of education Engaging Europe. The objective of the project is to build a fully international curriculum

Clothing, textile, Art
Three-year course of artistic higher artistic education
School of Artistic Planning for Business – specialising in Sustainable Fashion Design
Corso diretto da Rossella Ravagli

Getting to know and design fashion in all its processes, focusing on sustainability.

una esposizione del corso triennale di Accademia Unidee

Ecology, Ethics, Culture
Three-year Diploma
Course of Decoration – specialising in Art and Environment
Corso diretto da Silvia Evangelisti

Artistic practice and research involve people and communities to develop collaborative projects on real problems and needs.


WATER AS INFRASTRUCTURE open call | art students residency

Accademia Unidee e Unidee Residency Programs are pleased to invite Students, artists and designers (>18years old) to apply for a 9 days residency program at Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto


PUBLIC! Research Conference

Accademia Unidee presents: PUBLIC!
Research Conference
Biella, June 30th - July 1st

Accademia Unidee changesyour life

The immersive experience, the international approach, living in contact with the most innovative researches on sustainability and the avant-garde professors transform each student into an actor of change, with a unique cultural and human background. Those who study at Accademia Unidee – Fondazione Pistoletto’s Academy of Fine Arts – always know how to find a way to realise their potential and make their creative, academic and professional aspirations come true.

Grants and fee reductions

Thanks to its extraordinary network of sponsors, strategic partners and friend organisations, Accademia Unidee provides its students with opportunities for fee reductions and grants.

Internships and traineeships

Accademia Unidee is part of an international network of businesses, institutions and organisations with which it develops educational, cultural, research and internship projects.
It sits at the centre of the MI-TO, i.e. the area between Milan and Turin, the two Italian capitals of manufacturing and industrial business. A unique opportunity for the future of our students.

An international network of businesses and institutions

A strong international vocation and a close knit network of relationships allow Accademia Unidee to collaborate with European universities and academies, and with businesses and organisations from all over the world.


the square metres of the Accademia


tutors and lecturers



the library and the museum make the Accademia even more unique

Our candi­date

They have just graduated from high school or university, or they are professionals interested in further development.
They are international

They can communicate with people from all over the world

They are insightful

They can read reality in depth and they are endowed with autonomous thought

They are collaborative

They can work with others, enjoying it

They are open-minded

They listen to others’ opinions and they are willing to question themselves

They are responsible

They acknowledge the responsibilities of their actions in the world

They can act

They make the most of their knowledge

Spaces and facilities

Located in a magnificent late 19th century industrial complex, Accademia Unidee provides its students with unique and essential spaces: laboratories, study rooms, a green area, accommodation, a bistro-cafeteria and other common spaces

Spazi e Servizi
Library and Museum

Our library specialises in art and social transformation, social economy and design.
The museum houses the biggest existing collection of works by Michelangelo Pistoletto, dating from the ’50s to today.


We offer a multidisciplinary knowledge oriented to sustainability, to conscious innovation, to a balanced relationship between technologies and man, environment, society.