International students

Accademia Unidee provides the instruments to offer services and support to study abroad students, looking to save time and resources.

The Accademia UNIDEE Guidance Office is available for those who want to learn more about the courses, the educational offer, the opportunities and services reserved for students. By appointment, it is possible to have a personalized orientation consultancy service.

In order to be admitted to the three-year courses it is necessary to have a high school diploma (or another qualification recognized as suitable) and to pass an entrance exam.

The entrance exam for three-year courses consists of:

  1. an interview with presentation of the works portfolio;
  2. two tests, one oral, another graphic-design, to be prepared at home.


Accademia Unidee Guidance Office wants to facilitate the enrollment of the international students. It offers helps for the following documents and facilities (for the entrance procedures, please refer to the relevant ministerial provisions.):

Permit to Stay

(Permesso di Soggiorno)

Declaration of Presence

(Dichiarazione di Presenza)

Health Insurance

(Polizza Assicurativa Sanitaria)

Bank Account

(Conto Corrente Bancario)

Fiscal Code

(Codice Fiscale)

You don’t have to go to any Post Offices to ask for all the required info.

Filling papers

PSE paper

(Electronic Permit to stay)

Revenue Stamp

(Marca da bollo)

Language Center


Food & Shops


Taxi e navette, etc.