Talk&Drink program – Accademia Unidee and ArtEZ

Accademia Unidee-Fondazione Pistoletto and BEAR-ArtEZ - Talk&Drink program - 18.30-20.00 online talks

Summer school Borders / Boundaries

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Mon 14/09

Jonas Staal

Borders of Imagination 


Mon 14/09

Leone Contini

Foreigners and Migrations


Tue 22/09
Leonardo Mastromauro

What is the South?

“The South, as it has been interpreted so far, is nothing more than the shadow line in-between the North and the impossibility of becoming North.”

Tue 29/09
Jeanne van Heeswijk

Practicing Art within society

Jeanne van Heeswijk is an artist who facilitates the creation of dynamic and diversified public spaces in order to “radicalize the local”. Her long-scale community-embedded projects question art’s autonomy by combining performative actions, discussions, and other forms of organizing and pedagogy in order to assist communities to take control of their own futures.

Thu 01/10
Chto Delat

A Border Musical, part 1


A Border Musical, part 2


Chto Delat’s film project A Border Musical was a contribution to “Monday Begins on Saturday”, the first edition of Bergen Assembly, a triennial of contemporary art in Norway, curated by Ekaterina Degot and David Riff. The filmic mise-en-scène hybridizes two issues that tend to be unpopular with Norwegian audiences: the marriage market along the Norwegian-Russian border and the rigid Norwegian social care system, which routinely pulls children from so-called problem families in order to integrate them into “healthier environments.” After extensive research, Chto Delat? realized a studio production with musical interludes in the style of Bertolt Brecht’s “Singspiel”; charming and nimble, it deconstructs the glossy image of a caring community.