A history that keeps updating itself

Our courses have seen the participation of over 2000 students from over 40 countries in all continents. Their experience at Fondazione Pistoletto – be it a brief or a long one, recent or from many years ago – has left an indelible mark in our students, and this allows us to tell about us through the story of each of our alumni.

Beatrice Catanzaro


Beatrice Catanzaro is an artist who works in society and teaches all over the world. In 2010 she moved to Palestine, where she founded Bait al Karama, the first Women’s Centre in the historical centre of Nablus, aiming at combining the social activity of a restaurant with art and culture, entirely managed by women.

Andrea Paoletti


Andrea Paoletti founded – in Matera – “Casa Netural”, a social enterprise gathering people from all over the world, where to find inspiration, regenerate and carry out ideas around the themes of social, cultural and creative innovation. It houses co-working and co-living spaces, and an incubator of cultural and creative activities. Over 280.000 people applied for five available places in his residency project Wonder Grottole, aiming at regenerating and repopulating a small southern Italian village.

Matteo Ferrario


Matteo Ferrario works for the Ermenegildo Zegna Group as Social Impact Project Manager. He promotes projects of sustainability and social responsibility intertwining them with art, culture and textile manufacture.

Ola Ståhl

(SVE) UNIDEE 2002 / 2019

As an artist and researcher, Ola Ståhl investigates the relationship between ethics, aesthetics and politics. He is the vice director of the Design Department of the Linnaeus University in Sweden, where he also managed the development of the master’s degree in Design+Change.

Marlon Portales

Alumnus UNIDEE

“My experience in UNIDEE was a wonderful and significant moment that allowed me to grow as an artist and a person.”

Raphael Franco

Alumnus UNIDEE

“It was one of the most fruitful and gratifying experiences involving Visual Arts and socially engaged Art. I helped me to improve my project management skills and interpersonal skills.”

Katia Meneghini


“UNIDEE offered me the opportunity to evolve my creative process towards a wider vision more connected to the context and the public, and to contribute to building a more responsible world through my projects.”

Ekaterina Kravtsova


“UNIDEE completely changed my life. From one side It opened new horizonts and for several years I was making art projects in different parts of the Earth.”