Third Mission

Accademia UNIDEE considers Third Mission activities as a fundamental institutional responsibility of its mission.

Accompanying its traditional missions of teaching and research, Accademia UNIDEE’s Third Mission is the complex of activities through which it enters into direct interaction with society and facilitates the conveyance and sharing of culture and innovation in art and design.

Since these activities are directed to the outside world and are particularly capable of assisting with the creation of value for society in general, for businesses and for the territory in which it is synergistically and strategically located, the Accademia applies specific politics for the Third Mission and implements a series of actions aiming at assuring their quality.

Accademia UNIDEE constantly monitors and evaluates the activities of the Third Mission, considered an integral part of the politics assuring the quality of the Accademia (AQ), through precise guidelines and the achievement of its strategic objectives.

Accademia UNIDEE’s Third Mission is:

  • research activities on request by third parties
  • intermediation structures
  • continuous development
  • social and cultural public engagement