Three-years courses

Since 2015, Accademia Unidee has been offering three-year courses in compliance with the ministerial education system.

The general vision permeating all our courses is the relationship between art and social transformation, investigated in the following areas, often linked and overlying: visual art and cultures, cultural and media studies, design and social design and applied arts, histories, philosophy of technique and philosophies in general, psychologies, sociologies, anthropologies, visualisation and representation of the cultural and artistic heritage, communication, law, economics and economies.

Concerning all areas is the study of the role of the subject as an artist, as a person responsible (i.e. he who responds) in regard to the daily and epochal challenges posed by the crisis of sustainability in modern cultural, economic and political models.

The three-year courses are the starting point in the development of responsible individuals active in the social contexts in which they live.


una esposizione del corso triennale di Accademia Unidee

Ecology, Ethics, Culture
Three-year Diploma
Course of Decoration – specialising in Art and Environment
Corso diretto da Silvia Evangelisti

Artistic practice and research involve people and communities to develop collaborative projects on real problems and needs.

un progetto di Accademia Unidee

SCHOOL OF ARTISTIC PLANNING FOR BUSINESS specialising in Design for Social Innovation

Planning new ideas at the service of society, people and their needs.

un progetto di Accademia Unidee

SCHOOL OF NEW ART TECHNOLOGIES specialising in Media Design and Multimedia Arts

Ideas, practices and researches to understand the complex relationship between society and new media, and to make art with new media.

Clothing, textile, Art
Three-year course of artistic higher artistic education
School of Artistic Planning for Business – specialising in Sustainable Fashion Design
Corso diretto da Rossella Ravagli

Getting to know and design fashion in all its processes, focusing on sustainability.


Master’s course in collaboration with POLI.design – second edition

Combining design, which is the planning and construction of the future, and art, which is vision and ability to adopt a systematic approach, sustainability can become an opportunity of development for organisations.