International Curriculum In Fine Arts

Since the 2018/2019 academic year, Accademia Unidee has been collaborating with ArtEZ – Academy of Arts, Arnhem Academy, in the Netherlands, on the programme for the internationalisation of education Engaging Europe, conducted in co-supervision.
The aim of the project is to build a fully international curriculum allowing to complete a recognised three-year course in Visual Arts between Italy and the Netherlands

Every year, Accademia Unidee promotes the International Curriculum through its website and social channels.
Do not hesitate to write to us if you are interested in participating in one or more of these projects!

At present, the International Curriculum in Fine Arts consists of three annual projects:

1st year: Bootcamp (10 days)

The Bootcamp is an immersive experience aiming at discovering Cittadellarte and Accademia Unidee experience and questioning each student’s own artistic practice.
During an intense 10-days course, the students explore how art may connect society and experiment contemporary tools and ideas of engaged art.

2nd and 3rd year: Socially Engaged Art Project (6 weeks – 8 ECTS)

Every year in September- October Accademia Unidee welcomes students from ArtEZ and other academies in Europe to work through art practice individually and collectively on a specific contemporary issue.
While tutored by Accademia Unidee’s professors, during the six-week course the students delve into the issue through their practice and experiment how art may be a powerful tool for transforming society.
The final day of the project is dedicated to a public exhibition in Arnhem (NL).
Past years projects:
2018-2019: “One and one makes three”
2019-2020: “What does production have to do with art?”
2020-2021: “Borders / Boundaries

4th year: ARC – Artistic Residency @ Cittadellarte (6 weeks)

The last year of an Art Student’s curriculum is always dedicated to refine their art practice in order to prepare the Final Project / Exam and to cope with the world after the Academy. ARC is an educational project developed by Accademia Unidee aiming at helping final year’s students in delving into their own individual practice but also negotiating it with the Other. During the six week immersive experience, the students have the chance to work on their own and collectively but also to discuss their practice with accademia Unidee professors and to go deep into each one’s individual research by connecting with scholars, stakeholders, artists, curators and researchers working on similar fields. Through this experience students have an individual studio and a program based on authonomy and responsibility. A “residency program” as education itself.
A public program of conferences and lectures is also offered. Recent topics discussed in the previous editions (depending on the students’s researches): postcolonialism, extractivism, feminism, antispecism, art and nature, social engagement, minimalism, art and psychology, contemporary classical music, politics, climate change…
An open studio with local artists, curators and collectors is always organized at the end of the course.