Art Summer School Borders / Boundaries

Accademia Unidee hosts the Art Summer School Borders | Boundaries, Limes | Limen - 07.07.2020 - 07.10.2020 - an international program for Arts Students

Accademia Unidee hosts the Art Summer School Borders | Boundaries, Limes | Limen – 07.07.2020 – 07.10.2020 an international program for Arts Students organized by Accademia Unidee in collaboration with BEAR, the Bachelor in Fine Arts from ArtEZ (Arnhem, Netherlands).

The project aims at investigating the topic of borders and inclusions through 6 weeks of artistic practice and research. Also if the whole program will be available online, the summer school is conceived as a hybrid residency program, since there is a double community of students, one in Arnhem and one in Biella, but also a double community of teachers/tutors/mentors: some in the Netherlands, some in Italy, some online.
Both lectures, meetings and interactions between students, tutors, mentors and teachers will take place face-to-face either online.

Please check the program for further informations regarding both the program, costs, accommodations and facilities, or watch the explanatory video to understand more about the project*.
Information and application (before September 1st):

(this video has been informally produced mainly for the Dutch students from ArtEZ. It anyway may be very useful for deepening the project)


Contemporary borders are a visible trace of this process. Borders between nations, geopolitical wounds embittering divisions, such as in Cyprus, in Palestine, between US and Mexico. But also between the European states. Limits that concern people and their capability of moving between countries. It reclaims the spatial justice and the need of being citizen of the world where a passport is not an obstacle but an opportunity for freedom, whilst nationalism and populism prefer to reinforce the local identities.

Boundaries are also between people from different nationalities, religions and gender identities: refugees claiming the right to move and live, inter-religious dialogue, gender acceptation and inclusion. Confines evoke the fear for others, very much visible during the quarantine confinement. In pandemics isolation, the house becomes the boundary between myself and the others, the sane and the sick ones, the self and the collective.

We propose to the students to investigate through art practice, artistic inquiries and artworks these virtual and physical in-between zones working on a specific context. We promote the discovery of a real situation based in each one’s locale;
working alone or as a collective, both in the same town or from a distance;
aiming at discovering how art practice can understand, document, reveal the practices that people enact within and around the borders, shared or not shared, visible or invisible, acknowledged or hidden;
aiming at intervening as autonomous and yet involved inhabitants through proposals, actions, performances or in fact, in any possible form.

TUTORS Beatrice Catanzaro, Alessandra Saviotti
MENTORS Michele Cerruti But, Juan Sandoval
GUESTS (TBC) Michelangelo Pistoletto, Paolo Naldini, Jonas Staal, Leone Contini, Jeanne Van Hejiswik, Chto Delat, Leonardo Mastromauro, Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, Charles Esche, Morten Goll and Tone Olaf Nielsen, Aimar Arriola.

To download the program click here: Summer School Program 2020