Accademia Unidee’s professors and lecturers are contemporary academics and professionals, experts in a sector or a discipline. They are professional figures, knowledge and research workers, who have gained extensive experience collaborating with important companies in the sector. They have engaged with the world and the time they live in, constantly updating and debating with each other on disciplinary principles, rules and norms, and sharing cultural contents and the objectives of their activities. Their primary task is to inspire students to reflect, to be inquisitive, to design as a means of reasoned expression.

Great importance is given to both independent and formalised research. Accademia Unidee’s professors and lecturers are invited to develop an intense research activity, both through conventional academic forms, i.e. publications, conventions, conferences, and through the experimental forms of art and design, as well as in the form in which they exercise their profession. In this sense, research and artistic and scientific production are considered a central element of Accademia Unidee, and its professors and lecturers are the main actors of this process.

Accademia Unidee’s professors and lecturers are selected through a public process on the basis of a call for applications, aimed at identifying the most appropriate professional skills for the achievement of the educational objectives set by our three-year courses. At present, the Accademia has no open positions for teaching staff, should there be any in the future we will publish a notice on this page of the site. Spontaneous applications, which can be submitted using the form on the contact page, are in any case always carefully considered by the academic council.

Visual Arts for Social TransformationSOCIALLY ENGAGED ART

Juan Esteban Sandoval Arango

Decoration, Ceramics Techniques

Prof. Silvia Evangelisti

PhD. History of Modern Art, History of Contemporary Art

Prof. Francesca Comisso

Decoration Techniques and Technologies, Materials Techniques

Prof. Chiara Bertola

Visual Arts Techniques and Technologies

Prof. Michele Cerruti But

PhD. Project Culture, Space Representation Techniques, History of Architecture and Urban Planning

Rebecca De Marchi

Contemporary Plastics Techniques

Prof. Emanuele De Donno

Art Publishing

Andrea Caretto

Artistic Anatomy, Elements of Morphology and Dynamics of Form

Prof. Francesco Monico

PhD. Philosophy of Art

Michelangelo Pistoletto

History of Ancient Art

Prof. Beatrice Catanzaro

Ornamental Plastics

Luca Biasetti

Decoration 1, 2, 3

Alessandro Pastore

Principles of Computer Sciences

Social InnovationDesign

Prof. Michele Cerruti But

PhD. Project Methodology, Urban and Territorial Intervention Planning

Prof. Elisa Bacchetti

PhD; Social Innovation Design

Paolo Naldini

Contemporary Expressive Problems, Art Economics and Market

Judith Wielander

Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts

Prof. Valentina Pacetti

PhD (qualified to teach). Sociology of Art

Prof. Giorgio Donna

(emeritus professor). Business Logics and Organisation

Dott.ssa Francesca Comisso

History of Design

Dott.ssa Giuliana Gheza

History of Design

Dott. Michele Visciola

Social Innovation Design

Dott. Emanuele Bottigella

Social Innovation Design

Prof.ssa Eugenia Morpurgo

PhD. Modelling

Prof. Manuela Gandini

PhD. History of Contemporary Art

Armona Pistoletto

Graphic Design

Sinem Vardarli

Modelling Techniques

Matteo Lucchetti

Contemporary Art Languages

Chiara Belliti

Creative Writing

Prof. Paolo Furia

PhD. Elements of Philosophy

Alessandro Pastore

Principles of Computer Sciences

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Fashion Design

Olga Pirazzi

Textile Design, Fashion Setting

Prof. Simonetta Duretto

History of Art and Costume, History of Fashion

Prof. Barbara Mugnai


Prof. Manuela Rubertelli

Materials Techniques

Dott. Fabrizio Consoli

Design System, Design Management

Silvia Giovanardi

Fashion design

Silvia Massacesi

Accessories Design

Tiziano Guardini

Fashion design

Matteo Ward

Project Methodology of Visual Communication

Prof. Luca De Biase

(eminent professor). Marketing and Management, Business Logics and Organisation

Marco Piu

Textile Culture

Prof. Aria Spinelli

PhD. History of Contemporary Art

Vichie Chinaglia

Digital Elaboration of Images

Prof. Miguel Lombardi

Digital Photography

Alessandro Pastore

Principles of Computer Sciences

Media Arts and Social Transformation

Prof. Francesco Monico

PhD. Mass Media Theory and Methods

Prof. Derrick De Kerckhove

PhD (emeritus professor). Multimedia Languages

Prof. Paolo Furia

PhD. Philosophy of Art

Prof. Antonio Lucci

PhD. Aesthetics of New Media

Prof. Aria Spinelli

PhD. Semiotics of Art, History of Contemporary Art

Prof. Michele Cerruti But

PhD. Project Culture

Marco Liberatore

Multimedia communication

Michele Visciola

Interaction Design

Alessio Chierico

Net Art

Gianluca De Serio

Film Directing

Massimo De Serio

Film Directing

Vichie Chinaglia

Digital Elaboration of Images

Anna Ciammitti

Digital Animation Techniques

Francesca Lancini

Multimedia Dramaturgy, History of Cinema and Video Technology

Prof. Miguel Lombardi

Photography Directing, Film Shooting Techniques

Prof. Alessia Zampieri

Editing Techniques

Dott. Yuval Avital

Sound Design

Christian Zegna

New Integrated Media Techniques

Luca Schenato

3D Digital Modelling Techniques

Chiara Belliti

Creative Writing

Prof. Alessio Chierico

Net Art

Alessandro Pastore

Principle of Computer Sciences