Intern­ships and Trainee­ships

Internships and educational activities carried out outside the classroom are key elements of a development focusing on experience and customised programmes.

They are practices allowing students to test their knowledge and skills, and experiment with their commitment to transforming society, social engagement, planning, sharing.

Accademia Unidee has been able to build a network of institutions, single individuals, businesses, organisations. The connection to the world of work is for us of fundamental importance in order to guarantee a constantly updated and high-level education. We offer students the opportunity to work on real projects of interest throughout the whole cycle of studies, relying on a didactic methodology capable of combining specialised technical-strategic and creative skills.

Each student can choose at what organisation or institution within the Accademia Unidee network they want to do their internship.

International services

Accademia Unidee’s staff provide assistance for students spending periods abroad for study or traineeships, in collaboration with the international institutions, partners and companies willing to welcome students and interns. The staff also complete all the procedures relative to the publishing of open calls, the drafting of rankings and the issuing of contributions and, after their departure, assist students throughout their whole stay abroad.

Activities of assistance with research and the pursuit of an academic career

Accademia Unidee has stipulated numerous framework agreements with universities from all over the world for activities of cooperation and exchange in the fields of research and didactics, establishing a network of relationships involving various scientific-disciplinary sectors. The objective is to upgrade its research performance and increase the opportunities for international academic careers for its graduate students.

We also facilitate the mobility of our students by entering into specific inter-academy agreements for the acquisition of joint qualifications including degrees, teaching degrees, master’s degrees and PhD degrees, and for the preparation of co-tutorial doctoral thesis.

Activities of assistance with work

The activities of assistance with work are carried out by Accademia Unidee’s job placement service, a structure operating with the intent of serving the whole academic student community. Its aim is to help students and new graduates define their professional and career project through specific services, activities and resources directed at facilitating the transition into the world of work.