Thanks to its exceptional network of strategic partners, sponsors and sympathetic organisations, Accademia Unidee is able to offer its students subsidies and grants.

Students interested in applying for a grant will have to look out for the open calls that will be published in the next few months.

How does itwork

Students entitled

All students can apply for a grant.
Students entitled to / eligible for a grant will be partially or totally exonerated from paying their tuition fees.


To apply for subsidies and grants students must be in possession of a regular ISEE certificate for University Financial Aid for the year 2020.
The ISEE certificate is issued by INPS and can be requested on line or through a CAF (Centre for Fiscal Assistance). Please contact our Didactics Office in case of any variation or correction to the ISEE certificate for the current year occurred after the submission of the request for benefits.

Don’t forget to respect the deadlines!