Thanks to its exceptional network of strategic partners, sponsors and sympathetic organisations, Accademia Unidee is able to offer its students subsidies and grants.

Students who are interested in applying for a grant must verify their eligibility by consulting the regulations relating to Accademia Unidee’s tuition fees. In this section you will find information about taxation systems, rates, deadlines and the procedures to follow in order to apply for a reduction in fees.

In order to allow all students to have access to the necessary financial resources to obtain a degree from Accademia Unidee, we have drawn up a detailed system of taxes and contributions, economic benefits and exemptions.
For European students, first-year enrolment fees are determined on the basis of the equivalent family income, assessed according to the nature and amount of income of the conventional family unit to which the student belongs, its size and assets.
Students enrolled in three-year courses who have a high level of performance will also benefit from a reduction in fees.

The academic fees can also benefit from a reduction through discount rates or the assessment of particular family aspects, such as the presence of siblings or spouses also enrolled in Accademia Unidee, of families with more than two children financially dependent on the parents and in other cases as indicated in the section relative to fee reductions.

Accademia Unidee pursues a support strategy also in favour of:
– deserving and motivated students;
– students with special financial needs;
– students with specific health needs;
– students from countries with low HDI.

Please see student fees rules and regulations for detailed information.

Subsidies for the Master’s course
Design, Creativity and Social Practices

Fondazione Pistoletto provides no. 4 full fee exemptions for attendance in the Master’s sponsored by Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto’s network of partner companies.
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