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Accademia Unidee’s library specialises in titles about art, social transformation, social economy and design. The perspective is towards a global sustainability pervading every sector of civil society.

Prominence is given to the “turning point” literatures, a series of books and editorial works that have produced decisive changes in contemporary thought from 1989 onwards. These sections want to contribute to the proliferation of visions and interpretations on the social and political role of art and writing.

These titles – recommended by artists, researchers, scientists, students, writers and readers who have participated in Fondazione Pistoletto’s activities throughout the years – guide the choice of new acquisitions, in view of providing our public with a selection as complete and up-to-date as possible.

A range of books about the territory and local guidebooks completes the collection. Fondazione Pistoletto’s library operates in the framework of the National Library System as part of the Biellese hub, and its contents can therefore be searched on line on


The Fondazione accommodates the biggest collection of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s works. A unique body ranging from the first self-portraits from the ‘50s to the Mirror Paintings and to the most recent works, alongside a historically important collection of Arte Povera.

The articulated building complex, located on the bank of the river Cervo, offers a diverse range of permanent and temporary exhibitions describing the work of Michelangelo Pistoletto and of Cittadellarte’s “working sites”.

The archive, recently extended and renovated, houses a wealth of paper, photographic and audio-video materials concerning the artist’s work.

The Museum of the Present, a wide area in the easternmost part of the compound, is dedicated to temporary exhibitions presenting the projects developed by Cittadellarte’s Uffizi. A whole building is reserved for the symbol of the Third Paradise and the initiatives connected to it.


Launched in 2015, the Terme Culturali are an extremely innovative concept in the context of culture fruition. The whole complex of Fondazione Pistoletto becomes a place for people to visit and stay, open to visitors from everywhere and dedicated to the care and development of the personal sensitivity that art and culture reactivate and strengthen.

Visiting or staying at the Terme Culturali means immersing oneself in the Fondazione’s true essence as a participating guest.

The Terme Culturali are an interactive and sensory experiential space that allows for personal introspection and accentuates the value of the participants’ testimony.